Welcome to the website of the Commission to Promote Sustainable Child Welfare. The Commission was appointed by the Minister of Children and Youth Services on November 20, 2009, and given a three-year mandate to develop and implement solutions to promote the sustainability of child welfare in Ontario.

The three Commissioners, Ene Underwood, Dr. Wendy Thomson and Barry Lewis, will work with the Ministry, Children’s Aid Societies and other partners as they carry out their mandate.


On July 5, 2010 the Commission released its first report, Towards Sustainable Child Welfare in Ontario. The report examines Ontario’s child welfare system as it stands today and how its policies, funding and service delivery have grown and changed in the past ten years

In the report, the Commission describes its vision of a sustainable and integrated system of children’s services and sets out an action plan to follow from now until September 2012, when the Commission’s mandate ends.

We invite you to read about the Commission’s Work and give us your thoughts and feedback.