This section of the website will be updated regularly as the Commission’s work unfolds over its three year mandate.

Formal Reports

The Commission released its first report,Towards Sustainable Child Welfare in Ontario July 5, 2010. The report examines Ontario’s child welfare system as it stands today and how its policies, funding and service delivery have grown and changed in the past ten years:

  • Towards Sustainable Child Welfare in Ontario (full report)
  • Unique Considerations for Aboriginal Youth and Children

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Working Papers and Backgrounders

As part of its principle of “transparency”, the Commission will continue to publish working papers and backgrounders to share some of the basis for recommendations and directions that arise from its work. We will add to this list as the Commission’s work continues.

Jurisdictional Comparisons of Child Welfare System Design
Working Paper: Reducing Administrative Burden in Child Welfare
Background Paper: Serious Occurrence Reporting
Background Paper: Modernizing the Tracking of High Risk Child Protection Cases
In-Care Services Working Paper

Recommendations to the Minister of Children and Youth Services

The Commission’s mandate includes issuing formal recommendations to Minister Laurel Broten for changes that would advance sustainable child welfare. The background for many of these recommendations is provided through the Commission’s working papers. Formal recommendations to the Minister will be posted here after they have been tabled with the Minister:

Recommendations: Reducing Administrative Burden in Child Welfare
Recommendations: Streamlining and Simplifying Serious Occurrence Reporting
Recommendations: Modernizing the Tracking of High Risk Child Protection Cases

Commissioned Papers

A Description of the Child Welfare System Landscape in Ontario was prepared by the Bay Consulting Group to provide the Commission with a description of the child welfare system landscape in Ontario. Please note that while the document provides valuable input, the conclusions and interpretations are those of the Bay Consulting Group and not the Commission.

Directives to Children’s Aid Societies

The Commission’s mandate gives it the authority under the Child and Family Services Act to issue Directives to one or more children’s aid societies, including directives respecting their provision of services. As and when, the Commission issues such Directives, they will be posted on this website.

At this time, the Commission has not issued any Directives.